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HALFEN Stud Connectors

HALFEN Stud Connectors

The HALFEN HSC Stud Connector is an officially approved reinforcement, which was specially designed for the economical production of tensile reinforcement in corbels and frame corners. The full utilisation of the reinforcement is already possible with extremely low bond lengths.

The HALFEN HSC anchors offer particular potential in highly reinforced areas, such as corbels and frame corners. It eliminates the difficulties encountered in conventional designs in terms of the reinforcement layout and the anchoring of the stresses in the rods. The amount of reinforcement to be incorporated is significantly reduced and the clarity of the reinforcement layout is increased.

Aside from the time and cost savings, a major advantage is the high level of safety. The HALFEN HSC Stud Connector offers clear saving in time and a considerable extent of flexibility for the construction of concrete columns with corbels.