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3M™ Through Penetration Firestops

3M™ Through Penetration Firestops

Easy-to-install fire barrier products designed for firestopping where mechanical, electrical or plumbing penetrations pass through fire-rated floors and walls. Through penetration products are designed with a focus on easy application and excellent adhesion. They effectively fill spaces caused by pipes and cables traveling between walls. There is an extensive line of products within this category to suit your specific requirements

3MTM Through-Penetration Firestops

  • 3MTM Fire Barrier Sealant CP 25WB+
  • 3MTM Fire Barrier Sealant IC 15WB+
  • 3M™ Fire Barrier Sealant FD 150+
  • 3M™ Fire Barrier Water Tight Sealant 3000 WT
  • 3M™ Fire Barrier Water Tight Sealant 1000 NS
  • 3M™ Fire Barrier Water Tight Sealant 1003 SL
  • 3M™ Fire Barrier Rated Foam FIP 1-Step
  • 3M™ Fire Barrier Mortar
  • 3M™ Fire Barrier Tuck-In Wrap Strips
  • 3M™ Fire Barrier Composite Sheet CS-195+
  • 3M™ Fire Barrier Moldable Putty MP+ Stix and Pads
  • 3M™ Fire Barrier Silicone Sealant 2000+
  • 3M™ Fire Barrier Ultra GS Wrap Strip
  • 3M™ Fire Barrier RC-1 Restricting Collar