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HALFEN Cast-in Channels

HALFEN Cast-in Channels

HALFEN channels and HALFEN bolts are an approved and safe system! Embedded in concrete the anchor channels are the ideal basis for adjustable, assembly friendly installations.

The HALFEN HS bolts provide:

  • Simple and quick connection of components without drilling

  • Additional fitting and installations are always possible

  • Can be used as temporary fixings during the construction phase

Quality Features

HALFEN Channels can be used for multiple types of connections, e.g. façade, precast concrete constructions, stadium seating, guide rails in lift installations, crane gantries or pipe fixations for bridges.

  • Adjustable anchoring

  • HALFEN bolts instead of welding

  • Maximum efficiency when installing in rows

  • Installation with standard tools and therefore cost efficient

  • Reduced construction time by pre-planning

  • Wide range for multiple requirements with short-pieces and custom lengths

  • User-friendly installation: no noise, no dust, no vibrations