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KEIL Undercut Anchors

KEIL Undercut Anchors

The KEIL anchor was developed for mechanical, non-adhesive concealed anchoring for different façade cladding materials. The anchor is used worldwide in the façade industry for rain screen, wall cladding, exterior and interior façades.

The aesthetics of the façade face is not compromised by any visible fastening components. Positioning of concealed anchors on the back of the panel can be selected without restrictions. A wide range of alternatives is made available as to the quality and design of the material. The façade performance will be more effective and in tune with the requirements of specific materials.

More than 50 different types of materials may be used with the KEIL concealed façade attachment.

The KEIL Anchor system allows for thinner cladding panels to be used resulting in reduced material, labor and freight costs as well as reduced weight load on the building.

The installers of delightful and impressive façade materials are enabled by the KEIL concealed anchoring method to achieve the designer’s vision.