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HALFEN HIT Insulated Connection

HALFEN HIT Insulated Connection

HALFEN HIT Insulated Connections are the perfect solution to achieve the highest standards of quality on balcony connections.

Quality Features:

  • Thermal insulating fire protection material with material class A1 – non inflammable insulating material

  • Application as fire barrier in ETICS façades

  • EnEV conform with building authority approved Ψ-values

  • Passive House Institute certified in the highest category “Certified Passive House component“ for the HIT-SP ZVX with up to 24cm element height

  • Certified as Low Energy Component with insulating joint from 80mm for cantilevered and simply supported balcony slabs on column with element height up to 24cm

  • ETA – European Technical Approval


  • Symmetrical HIT units for more reliable installation

  • Robust units designed for transport and installation conditions
    25cm, 50cm and 100cm element lengths for time-efficient assembly

  • Reliable planning – all necessary verifications have already been considered

  • Software with off-cut optimization