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Deha Spherical Head Anchors

Deha Spherical Head Anchors

DEHA spherical head anchor is cast into the concrete together with a removable recess former, and can be used to carry loads in all directions. Anchors with load capacities of up to 450 KN are available. The universal head lifting links (UHL) can be locked to the anchor in seconds to enable the unit to be lifted and transported.

The spherical head anchors are made from a special quality steel, and the anchor head is forged to fit exactly with the corresponding universal head link.

The universal head link is inserted into the recess surrounding the cast-in anchor and inserted over the anchor head by hand. The link is thus connected to the anchor in just a matter of seconds and can be pulled in all directions.

Quality Features:

  • Safe, quick, efficient

  • Durable clutch is resistant to abrasion

  • Huge range of anchors and accessories for all types of precast elements

  • 10 load classes from 1.3 to 45.0

  • A DEHA Turning device is available for the easy transportation and installation of precast pipe units

  • CE-marking