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HALFEN Brickwork Support

HALFEN Brickwork Support

HALFEN HK5 Anchors have higher load capacities and require less steel than its predecessor.

Brickwork façades are aesthetically appealing and cost-effective; this type of façade is durable and offers long-term protection against noise, heat and cold, and effect of weather: This is the reason that this type of façade is still in demand for new build and regeneration projects.

HALFEN Bracket supports ensure permanent and safe brick façades; they are used to support the weight of brickwork renders and transfer the load into the main support structure.

Brickwork supports penetrate the insulation and cause localised thermal bridging. The HK5 Bracket support takes full advantage of Lean duplex, a class III corrosion resistance stainless steel. The reduced steel surfaces of the HK5 Bracket support means it weighs less than its predecessor. This facilitates on-site handling. Apart from that, the HK5 retains all the proven advantages of the HALFEN bracket supports.