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Steam Boilers

It’s very important and essential for the boiler to be well- protected against scale depositions on steel tubes’ surfaces in order to maintain good heat exchange efficiency and prevent the losses in fuel & energy.

A water softener must be used , along with a “dispersant” chemical that should keep any salts or solid matters in “loose” form – to be drained out by blowdown system. And the corrosion problem in the boiler is gravely serious ! Dissolved oxygen in water must be removed in order to prevent reaction on metallic surfaces , thus rusting. An “oxygen scavenger” is absolutely a must.

Boiler Treatment Range:

  • Saltreat B‐11 : A scavenger to remove Oxygen from boiler feed water.
  • Saltreat B‐13 : Boiler Water Dispersant and scale Inhibitor.
  • Saltreat B‐14 : An alkalinity builder, used to elevate the pH value in the boiler water.
  • Saltreat B‐15 : Condensate Line Treatment.
  • Saltreat B‐16 : Corrosion & scale inhibitor . A phosphate/ sulphite ‐ based blend.

Open Cooling Towers

These are subjected to scale deposition due to continuous evaporation and accumulation of solids. And corrosion risks are also significant. The accumulation of corrosion products on metallic surfaces has a negative effect on heat exchanger properties, especially when combined with the growth of aerobic bacteria and algae leading to bio-fouling. Every cooling tower must be chemically treated to protect it against corrosion, scale formation and bio-activities.

Open Cooling Tower Treatment Range:

  • Saltreat CT‐31 : A Corrosion & scale inhibitor that is based on a synergetic blend of organo–phosphonates.
  • Saltreat CT‐33 & Saltreat CT –34: Two biocides that are used alternately for the prevention of bacteria and algae.

We also offer side ‐ stream filtration and automatic bleed off system to our valued customers.

Chilled Water Systems

Chilled Water system are normally closed loops network. Make up water is minimal and resulting mainly from leaks. Therefore the main problem that is found in these systems is corrosion and metal dissolution. If the system is left untreated metallic surfaces would be subjected to pitting and general corrosion due to dissolved ions and electric potential.

The accumulation of corrosion products on metallic surfaces has a negative effect on heat - exchanger properties, growth of anaerobic bacteria especially when combined with the growth of anaerobic bacterial leading to biofouling. Every Chilled water system must be chemically treated to protect it against corrosion and bioactivities.

Chilled Water Treatment Range:

  • Saltreat CH‐21: A Nitrate based corrosion inhibitor .
  • Saltreat CH‐22 : A Molebdate - based corrosion inhibitor.
  • Saltreat CT‐34 : A Biocide that is used as supportive treatment to CH‐21 & CH‐22

Testing & Water Quality Control

We are committed to our clients. Our technical representative will be visiting the site, check the dosing and collect water samples. A report shall be submitted on regular basis along with the recommendations. The purpose is to make sure chemical's concentration in utilities’ water is in line with international standards, for proper projection of the treated systems.

Chemical Dosing & Monitoring

We offer a full range of products for injection of the chemicals and maintaining the right concentrations to comply to water quality standards. Automatic controllers are used to obtain the best results and minimize the human error factor.

Chemical Services

Chemical Descaling Of Steam Boilers : For removal of hard scale deposits on internal tubes’ surfaces. We use state-of-the-art blend of acids carefully selected to clean the pipes while minimizing the negative acidic effects on the metal.

Alkaline wash to clean Cooling towers : in order to remove bio-fouling layers. We use the method of high pH solution circulation method for restoring the heat exchange efficiency .

Potable Water Lines Chlorination : For new villas and buildings, the drinking water lines should be chlorinated prior to putting them into service. This is to ensure the killing of all bacteria and microbes that could be existent on the surfaces.

Chilled Water Network Pre‐Commission Cleaning : For the removal of oils, grease, debris and fabrication dirts from the new network prior to putting it into operation.