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Ozone has many advantages :

  • It is a powerful oxidant that kills all microbes
  • Acts more rapidly than other disinfecting agents
  • Does not leave any traces in water
  • Reduces the use of chlorine to the minimum

Considering these, ozone is finding an increasing wide variety of applications, including mineral water bottling, swimming pools, waste water treatment, textile & paper industries and agricultural uses.
We offer complete ozone systems from ClearWater Tech – USA : can come skid- mounted or loose components to be fixed on a wall at site.


These systems vary in production capacity, starting from the mini 1.25 gr/hr model to the huge, cabinet- like 170 gr/hr system.

Ozone Systems from ClearWater USA

We maintain systems of up to 20 gr/hr capacity in for UAE market and the region, and we can deliver these systems – usually to the water bottling industry- within a couple of days!

We also offer another economic range of ozone systems from China. These are cabinet – like complete ozone generation & injection systems. Four models are available : 6, 12, 24 and 36 gr/hr