Technical Services and Supply of Spares

A)Installation & start up of new systems : We have an able and experienced technical team ready to undertake the responsibility of installation & commissioning of equipment at site. And on-site training of customer's personnel on the efficient operation & servicing of water treatment systems is indeed an essential practice of our team, with a vision of ensuring long and trouble free plant operational life.

B)Maintenance & Service : After the warranty period is over, we offer maintenance & service contracts for the Water Treatment Plants & Equipment on yearly basis, where our qualified service team would visit the site on monthly basis in addition to the emergency cases. The regular visit usually includes full check-up for the system, submitting a technical report along with the corrective actions to be taken to keep the machine in the best conditions and to avoid breakdown.

C)Technical support : Selection of the proper water treatment process to fulfill the requirements of the desired application, and the computerized design of water treatment equipment. Evaluation of the existing condition of the system. Assessment of the overall performance of the plant in comparison with design parameters. Optimization of the performance of water treatment installations. Old Systems' Upgrade : We can undertake modifications in the existing water treatment machines and systems which were even supplied and installed by others!
Troubleshooting and replacement of the failing parts of the system.

Calibration of the instruments and inspection of the electrical parts of the units.

D) Supply of Spare Parts : Our warehouse in Dubai is very rich in spare parts that could help the immediate requirements of customers.

High Pressure Pumps With Different Flow and Pressure.

Pressure Vessels  

Specs Sheet : Phoenix PV's

RO Membranes CPA3

Precision Valves Made of SS. For Setting the Flow & Pressures .
Dosing Pumps Brochure
Pressure Gauges
Anti-Scalent Chemicals SALTREAT R-51
Control Panels ( Customs Design)
Panel Mounted Meters ( PH, TDS, ORP)
Flow Meters Mechanical Float - Type Meters1


Silica Sand & gravel : different Sizes Specs & Analysis
Anthracite Media Technical Data Sheet

Activated Carbon Media : coconut from Global Adsorbents or charcoal based from CarboTech

Birm Media Technical Data Sheet

Greensand Media

Controllers and electronic boards

Internal Distribution Systems

Vessels (filter bodies) Brochure

Piping & adaptors
Diaphragm Valves

DLFC's & fittings


Strong Cationic Resins KW-8 from Jacobi

Multi-port valves

Controllers and electronic boards

Internal Distribution systems

Water meters (volumetric )
Stagers with Diaphragms

Brine Valves & tanks Round Type Square Type

Regeneration salt Specifications MSDS

4 ) For WATER DE-IONIZERS (Demineralization Systems) :

Media cation Resin For DI K-8H

Media anion Resin For DI A-4OH
Mixed bed Resin MX-1
Fully Automatic Controllers

Hydraulic Valves
Distribution Systems


UV Lamps
UV Quartz Sleeves

UV Ballast
UV Quartz Sleeves

Electronic Boards
Temperature Sensors
UV Monitor Sensors
UV Cables
Washers, Nuts, Springs, etc...

6 ) We do supply spares for ozone systems, chemical injection systems & mixers.

d) Chemical services : Salam Enterprises LLC also offers certain chemical services such as: Potable Water Lines Chlorination & Disinfection, Pre-commission Chemical Cleaning Of Chilled Water Networks, Acid Wash For Steam Boilers and Chemical Cleaning Of Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements.

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