RO Desalination

Salam offers the supply of carefully engineered RO systems for the desalination of Brackish and Sea Waters, with capacities ranging from 50 to 1,000,000 GPD ! Depending on raw water quality and selection of membranes, system recoveries up to 80 % could be reached. RO systems are designed to economically meet client's specific requirements. The equipment uses the highest quality components and is suitable for all industrial and commercial applications.

Salam can supply big, sea-water RO machines from Pure Aqua - USA ..

And huge, brackish-water RO's ..

To the smaller, compact- design models from our SALRO series which are fabricated and assembled in our workshop in Dubai..

We maintain considerable quantities of the SALRO45 & SALRO85 machines, ready-to-use, and available in stock. In many cases nits of capacities up to 86,000 GPD were delivered to customers in Dubai within a couple of days, for immediate installation! SALRO 85 Series

SALRO 45 Series

Down to mini - residential units !!

Unde- Sink Type


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