Facade Fixing Systems

KEIL Undercut Anchor System

Using the innovative, but well-proven attachment system, KEIL has lowered barriers in construction technology by removing visible attachments.

The most diverse combinations of facade materials can be used, making it possible to bestow the desired character onto a building whilst ensuring the highest technical and functional safety.

The KEIL undercut technology considerably reduces restrictions on the selection of the ideal facade material on the basis of structural requirements - in particular for ventilated rainscreens.

The desire to attach facade panels in an invisible manner is fulfi lled quickly, easily and safely by the KEIL undercut anchor. It uses the positive fi t as support mechanism for this purpose.

A positive fit anchor fills the hole which is widened at the base. It is possible to achieve high support forces with a small hole diameter and a large undercut hole section without stressing the panel - as is the case with conventional dowels. This even applies to panels as thin as 6 mm.

The system reduces the work involved as fewer holes are required and creates economic advantages by allowing thinner panels of expensive material to be used.

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KEIL Undercut Anchor System
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