Reinforcement Systems

HALFEN Stud Connectors

The HALFEN HSC Stud Connector is an officially approved reinforcement designed to provide economic reinforcement in corbels. The HALFEN-DEHA HSC Stud Connector offers clear saving in time and a considerable extent of flexibility for the construction of concrete columns with corbels.

Quality features are:

Bearing capacity for tension loads

  • 100 % anchoring due to forged anchor head
  • Fast construction progress due to simple installation without special tools, reduced amount of steel
  • Anchor heads can be oriented horizontally and vertically for optimum adaption to space conditions
  • Applicable also for loads that are not predominantly static
  • It allows a concreting of walls and columns directly in one process, while corbels can be concreted subsequently due to screw connection
  • Safe and time saving realisation
  • Simple reinforcement
  • Solutions for both monolithic and subsequently concreted corbels
  • Low costs
  • Complete system for all cases

Product Information

HALFEN Stud Connectors
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