Facade Fixing Systems

HALFEN Stone Support System

HALFEN Body Anchor

HALFEN Body Anchors are natural stone fixings, adjustable in three dimensions for doweling. They absorb both the slab weight and wind loads.

The product range Body Anchor Type BA covers cantilevers from 60-120 mm, with an allowable load of up to 1300 N. The product range Body Anchor Type DT range is suitable for cantilevers from 140-300 mm and can take loads of up to 1300 N.

With the Body Anchor Type DT using the patented clamping bolt, a vertical adjustment to the facade can be made when the slab is already set.

The base of the Body Anchor Type DT is supplied completely pre-assembled with the "driven wedge disk". Restraint ties of the Body Anchor Type DH product range for anchoring in the vertical joints are available ex stock.

Quality features are:

  • Cantilevers from 60 - 300 mm with loads up to 1300 N as standard versions
  • Adjustable in three directions
  • Immediate load-bearing capacities
  • Toothed plate and washer: mechanical force transmission
  • Patented: wedge disk and clamping bolts
  • Used in horizontal and vertical joints
  • Small drill holes: time and cost saving, reduced dust and sound pollution
  • Stainless steel 1.4571/1.4401/1.4404 (AISI 316/A4)

HALFEN Sub Structure

Adjustable suspended channel system with support and retaining anchors that are continuously variable in height, for wall distances >= 160 mm.

Ideal for new buildings and refurbishments. Particularly suited for natural stone facades with large and varying distances to the load-bearing wall.

Few anchoring points facilitate a speedy mounting of the stainless steel substructure and thus also a quick installation of the natural stone slabs.

Quality features are:

  • Stainless steel 1.4571/1.4401 AISI 316 (A4)
  • Easy to install
  • Few, uncomplicated components
  • Fastening on ceilings, ceiling joints or concrete walls spaced approx. 3.0 m apart (height between floors)
  • Adjustable fastening on HALFEN channels
  • Rigid fastening with dowels

Product Information

HALFEN Stone Support System
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