Reinforcement Systems

HALFEN Rebend Connections

HALFEN HBT rebend connections are used for efficient connection of concrete structures which are poured in subsequent phases and have to be connected.

The casing consists of pre-galvanized steel sheet with special flanges and a preformed hole to facilitate the removal of the cover from the casing.

It can be simply nailed to the formwork or wired to the reinforcement.

Quality features are:

The reinforcement starter bars are made of

  • BSt 500 S in accordance with DIN 488 or BSt 500 WR
  • BSt 500 NR, stainless steel A4 available on request, bar - 8-12 mm

7 different casings to suit wall thickness from 8-23 cm. (Special types are available for larger wall thickness)

  • 14 different bar shapes are available for single or double bars
  • NEW: Reduced casing heights (for 8 mm bars h = 24 mm, for 10 mm bars h = 30 mm), hence ideal for pre-cast concrete industry where elements are produced with smaller concrete coverings.

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HALFEN Rebend Connections
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