Facade Fixing Systems

DETAN Tension Rods System

DETAN tension rod systems are used in many fields of applications:

Trussed elements and wind bracing in roofs and walls

  • Guying of pylones and canopies
  • Ties for wood and steel beams
  • Guying of glass facade
  • Guying of footbridges

Increased load bearing capacities can be achieved by important product improvements, the use of S460 tension rods and high quality carbon steel for the tension rods. DETAN tension rods are available in steel (S460) and stainless steel.

Quality features are:

  • Fixings locked by means of DT-S nuts
  • Easily adjustable for length
  • Simple visual control of installation
  • Sealing of the threads for corrosion

Product Information

DETAN Tension rod System
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