Water Aeration Systems

Aerators for Lakes & Ponds

Decorative ponds ( e.g. in residential compounds )

  • Artificial lakes ( e.g. in parks )
  • Golf water ponds

If water is left stagnant many problems will gradually appear, most notably :

  • Algae and bioactivities
  • Unpleasent odours

We have the proven solution : Aeration . Injecting air and inducing water circulation will improve the water quality and will preserve the lake and protect it against such problems.

The aeration systems are quick and easy to install, require minimal maintenance and save money and man hours. There is no need to use any chemicals. The aeration systems simply speed up nature's own biological treatment of wastes.

We can offer :

  • Floating - type aerators ( with the possibility of solar energy utilization )
  • Fully submersible aerators

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